Monday, February 18, 2008

Canada cannot recognise Kosovo

The reasons why are obvious. If Canada recognises Kosovo's independence, then we put our foot on that slippery slope when it comes to Quebec - which will embolden and reinvigorate the separatist movement in that Canadian province.

In fact, this has already happened:

In Quebec, the Parti Quebecois moved quickly to take advantage of the situation. "Quebecers continue to support in a significant way the idea of Quebec, like Kosovo, obtaining political sovereignty," PQ international relations spokesman Daniel Turp said in a statement Sunday. "The Parti Quebecois will follow closely Kosovo's declaration of independence, and particularly the declarations and other gestures of international recognition that will be made by other states of the international community, including Canada." (source)

Canada has no revolutionary tradition, and in fact has opposed revolutions throughout it's history. Canada has been an enemy of the revolutionary traditions of America, France, Russia, Germany, China, North Korea, and Iran - to name a few.

This nation was not forged on the anvil of revolution and disorder, as was the United States of America. Canada was formed on an organic and evolutionary path. At most, our tradition accepts the outcome of the Glorious Revolution of 1688, but even in this case the intent was not to render the nation to bits, but to make it whole again. In this sense, we are a most English nation. And in the best sense of that tradition, we muddle on through to compromise. It is our way.

Having stated all of that, I have no doubt that the CPC government will come to recognise Kosovo. The reason I believe this is because this government has little sense of Canada's history and constitutional traditions. However, such a decision will be dangerous to our Federation and in fact, could facilitate the transportation of a "plague bacillus" back into Quebec.

Canada cannot recognise Kosovo.