Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have gone Green - again!

Given that there are so many staunch republicans (and rednecks) & Republicans in the Conservative Party of Canada, and given that I will never vote for the treasonous and materialistic Liberal Party, and given further that I oppose the vehement republican orientation of the New Democratic Party with all of my being, I - here today - announce that this traditional tory feels that the only current option for Disraelian/Macdonaldian tories in Canada is to vote for the Green Party of Canada.

Yes, there are republicans in the GPC - but there are traitors in all of the main parties; until such time as there is a thing called "The Monarchist Party of Canada" I strongly feel that the only option for English-speaking nationalists is the Green Party.

That may change over time, but that is the way I feel today.

The CPC and the LPC are pro-American/anti-Canadian Free-Trade parties that care not one whit for the survival of a sovereign Canada in the continent of North America. To that end, they do not deserve my vote. Nor will I give it to them.


At 2:11 pm , Blogger Ryan said...

Like I said before. There are just as many "republicans" in the GPC as there are in the NDP. I suppose this just proves my suspicion that Greens tend to project their own political philosophy on the party itself.

At 8:07 am , Blogger Matt said...


Best of luck in your new makeshift home.

I think the Greens are probably benefiting quite a lot right now from having many thoughtful individuals, like yourself, project their values onto the Green Party.

For example, social conservatives like the income-splitting aspect of the GPC platform; monarchists (though I respectfully disagree with you on this) like the nationalist or at least anti-American orientation of the party; social libertarians like the party's ambivalence toward issues like gay marriage and abortion, etc...

I continue to feel that the only viable political vehicle for toryism in Canada continues to be the Conservative Party, which is where I continue to make my home. But I hope you get as involved as you possibly can in the Green Party, to help shape its political trajectory.

Given your impressive experiences in Ottawa, I believe you capable of doing this.

Very best,

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